Aigis Banca is a specialist lender providing credit to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We also offer online current account and online term deposits to private clients. Aigis Banca products and services build on digital processes with extensive use of technology; looking at the future, they generate cost-efficiency, return on investment and high reliability.

The name Aigis (inspired by the Greek αίγις, or “aegis”) expresses the idea of protection. With the change in the first two letters, “ai”, we evoke the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and the modern, digital traits of the bank, innovating for the future of banking in an industry that is rapidly evolving.

Our headquarters are in Milan, and we have branches in Milan, Rome and Bari. Aigis Banca currently employs a team of 50 young, dynamic talents led by expert managers.


At Aigis Banca, it’s our mission to offer high-value services by combining banking and financial technology (“fintech”), including automation and artificial intelligence. In this way, we make sure you get fast responses to your business-financing needs, and we are able to handle online even those products and transactions that used to require you to go physically into a bank branch.

Central to our concept of banking is the ability to listen and adapt to the needs of your business and to act as a partner in your growth and development. At Aigis Banca, we take advantage of digital technologies both as a vehicle for giving you the support and the resources you need and to create a robust platform from which to monitor and manage risks.


At Aigis Banca, we strive to be a leader in supporting both the growth of small and medium enterprises and the financial strength of families and individuals. Our ultimate goal is to create value by innovating and simplifying banking products and services, thereby contributing to economic growth with the help of an extensive use of digital and other new technologies.


At Aigis Banca, we adopt a model of business that focuses on financing for SMEs that takes advantage of Italy’s (MCC and SACE) public guarantee, as well as on specialist solutions such as factoring, which is a perfect means of optimizing businesses’ receivables. While specializing in financing for SMEs, we also offer deposit accounts to households and individuals, including interest-bearing current accounts and term-deposit accounts that earn highly competitive rates.

Aigis Banca uses technology to continuously improve and innovate banking processes. We establish strategic partnerships with leading fintech players in order to achieve maximum cost efficiency and speed, both of which are distinctive features of the Aigis value proposition compared to traditional players of the banking industry.


The current shareholders of the bank are:

  • MCP Investments II S.A.R.L. 75,36% 
  • Novembre UK LTD 21,43%
  • Minority Shareholders 3,21%

Aigis Banca is the result of the reorganization of GBM Banca S.p.A. The project is the brainchild of Nicola Bonito-Oliva and Filippo Cortese, both of whom have extensive experience in investment banking in the UK. In January 2017, they carried out a project to take a majority stake in GBM Banca S.p.A. with the support of MCP Investments II S.A.R.L., with the goal of giving rise to a new bank specializing in digital services for Italian SMEs.

In addition to investing in state-of-the-art technologies, the new bank’s business plan was centered on service specialization, with a mission to offer simple, transparent and intuitive products in an environment of ever-growing economic and regulatory complexity.

Board of Directors:

  • Chairman: Giorgio Salvo

  • Chief Executive Officer: Filippo Cortesi

  • Non-executive director: Nicola Bonito-Oliva

  • Non-executive director: Björn Tessiore

  • Non-executive director: Giovanni Miele

Board of Auditors:

  • Chairman: Fulvio Schettino

  • Standing auditor: Massimo Pometto

  • Standing auditor: Giovanni Rizzi

Deloitte serves as the bank’s independent auditor.