Aigis Banca is a specialist lender providing credit to small and medium enterprises (SMEs); it also offers online current account and online term deposits to private clients. Aigis Banca’s products and services build on digital processes with extensive use of tecnology; looking at the future, they generate cost-efficiency, return on investment and high reliability.

The name AIGIS (αίγις, ancient Greek for aegis) encloses the meaning of “protection” and, moreover, its first two letters “ai” in current times stand for artificial intelligence, evoking the modern, digital and innovative traits of the bank, building on the future of the banking industry, which really is under fast and radical change.

The bank’s headquarters are in Milan, and there is a branch each in Milan, Rome and Bari. Aigis Banca’s staff counts 50 employees, a young team of achievers led by a team of experienced bank managers.


Aigis Banca’s mission is to offer value adding servies by combining fintech and banking, by applying technologies for automation and artificial intelligence. In this way the bank makes sure that answers are given fast to entrepreneuers requesting credit, and that it can manage online even those products and transactions, which up to now were made in physical presence of customers.

The bank puts at its center the capability of adapting and listening to the needs of entrepreneurs, with the role of a business partner growing together with the customer. Its digital essence is exploited by Aigis Banca both in order to make available more resources to assist and support the customer base as well as in order to create a solid infrastructure for monitoring and managing risks.


Aigis Banca sees itself as a leader supporting the growth of SMEs business and of savings of households. The ultimate goal is to create value by innovating and simplifying banking products and services, thus contributing to economic growth of the enterprises, thanks to a widespread use of digital and other new technologies. 


Aigis Banca adopts a business model focused on financing SMEs, exploiting public guarantee schemes of the Italian State (MCC and SACE), as well as specialist solutions such as Factoring, a perfect means for optimizing commercial credits of a company. The bank, specialized on financing SMEs, collects savings of private households and individuals on interest bearing current accounts and term deposits at very attractive conditions.

Aigis Banca applies technology to continuously improve and innovate its processes and it makes strategic partnerships with leading fintechs on the market in order to gain maximum cost efficiency and speed, key distinctive fetures which identify the offer of Aigis compared to traditional players of the banking industry.


Shareholders of the bank as of today:

  • Metric Capital 75,36% 
  • Novembre UK LTD 21,43%
  • Minority shareholders 3,21%

The idea was drafted by Nicola Bonito-Oliva and Filippo Cortesi, founding partners of Wave Group, a company regulated by the English FCA, and active in managing special situations as well as in advisory services for structured finance transactions, teaming up with Hedge Funds and Private Equity/Debt Funds.

In January 2017 they carried out a project to take over the majority of GBM Banca Spa with the support of Metric Capital, an English private debt fund, with the objective to give birth to a new bank specializing in didigtal services to Italian SMEs. Apart from investments in state-of-the-art technologies, the new bank’s business plan was centered on focused and specialized services, with a mission to offer simple, transparent and immediate products in an environment of ever growing economic and legal complexity.

After a complete restructuring and relevant investements, Aigis Banca now stands as a new player on the market: thanks to it technological infrastructure and the specialized know how of its team, it offers factoring and financing solutions to Italian SMEs with fast response times compared to traditional players of the banking industry. Aigis Banca already counts on over 15'000 customers, and it has completed financing for over € 300 milion and about € 500 milion of factorgin turnover.

Board of Directors:

  • President: Giorgio Salvo
  • CEO (Amministratore Delegato): Filippo Cortesi
  • Member: Nicola Bonito-Oliva
  • Member: Björn Tessiore
  • Member: Giovanni Miele

Supervisory Board:

  • President: Fulvio Schettino
  • Member: Massimo Pometto
  • Member: Giovanni Rizzi


Filippo Cortesi
Chief Executive Officer (Amministratore Delegato)
Roberto Dalla Benetta
Chief Operating Officer
Pier Giuseppe Raviglione
Chief Financial Officer
Niccolò Panella
Head of Banking
Fabrizio Mariotti
Legal Counsel
Uzi Perets
Risk Manager
Antonio Fiore
Responsabile Area Crediti